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October 22, 2019

See the Magic of Franklin Institute
Picture of See the Magic of Franklin Institute

Calling all aspiring wizards! If you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, you can finally experience all the magic of “Harry Potter” right near your Dalian on the Park apartment.

Get into the spirit of the Halloween season at Science after Hours: Wizard School at the Franklin Institute. Each month, the local science center hosts a 21-plus event where adults have the run of the famed venue, while enjoying food and drinks from local vendors. In honor of the upcoming holiday, and tagging onto the phenomenon of “Harry Potter,” Franklin Institute will transform into our city’s very own Hogwarts for the Oct. 24 festivities.

The event features special wizard-themed activities, where you can see “potions” being made, learn about “fantastic beasts” and much more. The series has been running for several years, and draws a huge crowd of “Harry Potter” followers, many of whom dress for the occasion (so break out the robes, wands and pointed hats!). While Wizard School is a lighthearted event, it’s also an opportunity for some hands-on learning, where visitors can take part in experiments and see the science behind their favorite aspects of the wizard world. Besides the special “Harry Potter” theme, visitors can run loose in the museum, getting up close and personal with longtime favorites like the giant heart, a recreated train and even virtual reality experiences.

Apart from the science, the event is also an opportunity to try bites and brews from local vendors. Many of the dishes and drinks available during Wizard School will be “Harry Potter”-themed—expect some butterbeer, cider and lots of pumpkin-flavored treats! There are plenty of Halloween activities happening this month in Philly—from costume contests to parties to ghost tours—but Wizard School is one of the most unique opportunities, fusing learning with fun. And to top it all off, it’s only three blocks from your Dalian on the Park apartment!

Franklin Institute

222 N. 20th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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